míkovci - Who we are

We are a family manufacturing company founded in 2005 in Divišov in Central Bohemia, the Czech Republic, a town with a long tradition of sport motorcycle production, which we continue and develop.

Our knowledge, experience, abilities and the character of our production equipment form a complete system with a focus on the production of spatially complex metal welded constructions - sets, subassemblies as well as components - mainly from steel, but also from stainless steel and duralumin. From the point of view of the type of orders we cover, the area of production from series of hundreds of pieces, to the production of small series and in some cases also single-piece or prototype production.

A typical and frequent product of ours is a sport motorcycle frame and other motorcycle frame parts. In the  field of contemporary motorsport, it was the production for sidecarcross (exclusively for MEFO GmbH) from 2005 and continuing for 10 years. Since 2009, we have been active in the ice speedway (exclusively for KLABO - Antonín Klatovský) and most recently in the junior speedway (exclusively for SHUPA). In the field of spare parts for veteran motorcycles we operate in enduro disciplines, road circuits and motocross, in which we focus on selected spare parts for ESO motorcycles.

We systematically use our know-how developed since 2005 in the demanding field of motorsport also outside the "motorcycle world" in the production of conceptually similar constructions in general.

We have customers not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom.


Klabo, CZ

Exclusively for Klabo we produce frames, swinging forks, exhausts and other spare parts for ice speedway.

FB: cs-cz.facebook.com/KlaboFactory

Mefo - Metal, DE

In 2006-2016, exclusively for Mefo, we produced and jointly developed undercarriages for sidecarcross.

Web: mefo-sidecarcross.de/

Speedway Service, UK

Producing of exhaust pipes for speedway.

Web: www.speedwayserviceltd.co.uk/