Custom production of motorcycle frames and accessories

Our typical and frequent product is a sport motorcycle frame

In the field of contemporary motorsport, we provided an exclusive production of frames, forks and other sidecarcross parts for the German company Mefo GmbH for 10 years. Since 2009, we have been active in the field of ice speedway with the company Klabo - Antonín Klatovský, for which we exclusively produce frames, swinging forks, wheel cover frames, various levers, exhausts, etc. Since 2019, we have been producing frames for the company Shupa - a manufacturer of junior speedway motorcycles, also exclusively.

In the field of veteran motorcycles, we produce custom-made frames and other spare parts for motocross, enduro and "road circuits". As our own initiative, we produce selected spare parts for Eso motorcycles produced in Divišov, in the location of our company.

Other typical motorcycle parts we focus on include swinging forks, handles, protective frames, handlebars, exhausts, levers, rods, struts, but also the oil tanks etc

For production, we use materials that are proven in motorcycle sport, especially chromium-molybdenum steel (grade 15130, resp. 25CrMo4). We have our own stock of tubes of this steel grade. We also have experience with duralumin and stainless steel.