Custom manufacturing of metal constructions

We specialize in the production of spatially complex welded constructions - sets thereof, subassemblies as well as components which require a combination of different technologies during production.

We have started to systematically use our know-how developed since 2005 in the demanding field of motorsport also outside the "motorcycle world" in the production of conceptually similar constructions in general.

From the point of view of the type of orders we cover, the area of production from series of hundreds of pieces, to the production of small series and in some cases also single-piece or prototype production.

We have a unique fitting kit, which ensures the checking of the geometry and dimensions of the individual parts of the structure, their precise mutual spatial alignment and clamping, the welding of the entire construction and checking the geometric and dimensional tolerances of the finished weldment.

We have many years of experience and we own machines, tools as well as production processes for the cold bending of tubes and profiles, including the difficult bending of thin-walled tubes. We have machines for cutting and machining, presses for forming, TIG and MIG/MAG welding equipment etc. For our own production, we also provide other specialized technologies such as beam cutting, folding, heat treatment, or surface treatment etc., in cooperation.