Exhausts, handlebars, handles, protective frames

Exhaust pipes

We produce exhaust pipes for combustion engines from thin-walled steel and stainless-steel tubes, usually with a wall thickness of 1 mm. We use "no-warping" technology - with using a segmented mandrel and smoother - the bends retain their original cross-sectional shape, are not warped, etc. The highest efficiency - production as well as economic - is achieved in orders of hundreds of pieces, but we do not avoid even smaller numbers, even single pieces. The specification can be a drawing, a sample piece or it is possible to "fine-tune" the shape by assembling the segments directly on a motorcycle or other machine according to the customer's requirements.

The exhaust may comprise all bends of the same radius, a combination of multiple radii, it may be bent in one piece, or assembled and welded from segments. We also have experience in the manufacture of more complex exhausts, which comprise, in addition to a constant cross-section tube, also structurally and spatially complex elements - mouldings of transition sections, etc. We produce both complete exhausts - including various brackets, flanges, wrought pieces and finishes - and semi-finished products for other manufacturers.

Handlebars, handles, protective frames, etc.

We produce handlebars for vehicles, especially motorcycles, as well as various handles, protective and "fall" frames, bumpers, etc. The handlebars can include a welded bar, various brackets and other elements. The main tube itself can be equipped with various holes - locking, clamping, through holes, etc. Handles, frames and bumpers can also be designed as complex spatial constructions containing various reinforcements, arms, etc. We also offer polishing of the surface and surface treatment, e.g. chromium plating. If high stiffness, abrasion resistance and resistance in general is required, it is possible to use a high strength material such as heat-treated chromium molybdenum steel.