Bending of rods of various diameters - tubes, pipes, etc.

We have many years of experience and we own machines, tools as well as manufacturing processes for bending hollow and "solid" metal rods - round tubes, pipes, L, T, I, U profiles as well as other shapes, including the difficult bending of thin-walled tubes. We perform cold bending using the Swedish hydraulic bender Herber or using the electric bender Škoda-Narex.

The warping of the pipe shape during bending prevents an inner mandrel. In case of thin-walled tubes with high bending quality requirements, a segmented mandrel in combination with a smoother prevents the warping and the formation of so-called zig-zag folds. The maximum dimension of the cross-section for bending is 65 x 2 mm in the case of a circular pipe; for other cross-sections, the dimension is limited by the equivalent value of the modulus of the cross-section in bending. We have gained experience especially in the production of motorcycle frames, combustion engine exhausts and other products with high bending quality requirements.